Please click on any of the links below to download a copy of the low vision-related PowerPoint presentation.

Low Vision Case Management: Overcoming Objections [PDF]
Dr.'s Kammer & Lipschultz

The Economics of Primary Low Vision Care in Primary Care Practice [PDF - Coming Soon]
Dr.'s Kammer & Lipschultz 

Low Vision, High Potential [PDF]
Dr. Politzer

The Turn Key Low Vision Exam [PDF]
Dr. Politzer

Magnify Your Future [PDF - Coming Soon]
Dr.'s Politzer and Porter

Low Vision Case Study Summaries [PDF]
 Dr.'s Politzer, Porter, & Woo

Making Low Vision Work for You, A Checklist for Success [PDF]
Dr. Politzer)

An Overview of Reimbursement for Low Vision Services [PDF - Coming Soon]
Dr. Porter 

Generating Low Vision Referrals and Creating Consumer Awareness [PDF]
Dr. Astorino

Low Vision Coding and Billing [PDF - Coming Soon]
Richard Soden, OD, FAAO, CPC