Low Vision Tools and Resources

Real world examples of patient management techniques provide valuable insight into the low vision examination process. Below you will find three videos of low vision exams performed by Dr. Henry Greene. Please read the patient intake information below before viewing. After viewing the video, review the exam summary and read the treatment plan as prescribed by Dr. Henry Greene. Be sure to read Dr. Greeneā€™s Prescribing Tips Checklist and use it as a quick reference guide in the future.

Keep in mind that this is not a concrete template. Every patient is unique. They may come to you with a variety of visual, medical, physical and financial challenges. There are numerous approaches that work and should be incorporated depending on the patient and the environment in which you practice. Your job is to earn their trust, uncover their goals, set realistic expectations and deliver a treatment plan that you both agree upon.


The Vision Council has launched a website, whatislowvision.org, dedicated to educating the public about low vision, vision enhancing devices and medical solutions. In addition to addressing questions about the causes and early warning signs of low vision, the online resource features a blog and low vision specialist locator. Click here to visit the site.